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Do you have a special occasion coming up and want to dress up your fingernails, but hate the thought of applying toxic chemicals? Watercolours Nail Enamel is an ideal alternative to solvent-based nail enamel, and is best when applied the evening prior to a special occasion. It’s water-based, odour-free, and has no formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalates or FD& C colours! Since it lacks the chemicals that other brands use to dry and harden quickly, it is crucial that you follow our instructions below, to ensure maximum durability.

What is the difference between solvent and water-based enamels?

Other solvent-based polishes are simple solutions of nitrocellulose resins in strong solvents. Nitrocellulose is used because it forms a very hard film easily, as the solvents evaporate from the base. These harsh, bad-smelling solvents, are then also used to remove the polish by dissolving the film.
Our Water-based polish uses an emulsion resin in the form of billions of very small particles suspended in water. As the water evaporates, the particles touch each other and form a hard film which is no longer soluble in water. At first, it may seem that these systems are similar, the only difference being the carrier base. But they are in fact as different as night and day. One cures by reversible solvent evaporation, the other by creating a tightly knit film. One is easily dissolved, the other not so easily.
This unique process means that our polish will require longer time to harden properly.

How Does it Work?

The excerpt below is from an interview with Melissa Hertzler, the founder of Honeybee Gardens:

“Melissa Hertzler, the founder and CEO of Honeybee Gardens, …has worked to create a water-based polish that acts like the nail polish we’re used to, but without the undesirable elements. As she puts it, “The technology is difficult. You’re trying to get something that’s water-based to act like a paint and form a hard film that’s going to last for a period of time on top of a porous surface like your nail. It’s hard to make it happen.”
So how, exactly, does it work? In essence, it kind of works the same way as conventional polish—solvents evaporate and the resin film attaches itself to the nail. The difference in a water-based solution is that 75 percent of the formulation is water. As the water evaporates, film-forming particles get closer and closer and create a breathable bond on top of the nail. Yes, there are resins involved—but natural resins come from different sources. For example, Honeybee’s resin is soy-based.
And while it takes longer to cure—the polish appears dry within minutes, but takes longer to hard-set—the result is a breathable bond on the nail. Honeybee is so committed to its non-toxic formulation that at trade shows, staff will actually swipe the nail polish wand over their tongue to show how non-toxic it is.
…“Nitrocellulose resin”—the resin most commonly used in nail polish—“is really cheap to buy, and ours is a patent that we developed... Our nail polish has the lowest margin out of all our cosmetic products—it’s so low we’re not making anything on it. But I believe in offering a safer alternative, so I won’t discontinue it”, [she said].”

Excerpt from article: “What the Hell Is in My Nail Polish? Are nail lacquers that are three-free and five-free really safe?” by Carly Milne. Published August 22, 2013 on “Take Part” website To read the full article please go to:

Colour range & swatches:

WaterColours Nail Enamel comes in 26 great colours to match our ColourBalm Naturals Lipstick. Colours can vary from screen to screen depending on the quality of the screen, monitor settings etc. The colours on our web site should be taken as an indication only. The actual product colour may differ for the colour represented by your computer screen.

> View nail polish colour swatches here

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How to Apply:

WaterColours Nail Enamel certainly looks and acts like traditional solvent-based polish, but it does have its eccentricities. To get the best results it is important that you understand that our product is different from other brands – in particular, that it is quite vulnerable until it has properly hardened – and that it requires additional drying time. Our customers have told us they would rather take extra time to paint and dry their nails than use polishes which contain potentially toxic ingredients.
Here is our checklist for applying our polish – for additional guidance, please read the TIPS below.

7 Steps to Beautiful Nails

Tips and tricks:

Tips for extra durability:
Unlike solvent-based polishes which reach their maximum hardness in about 40 minutes, WaterColours Nail Enamel must be given time to create a tough film. About 75% of the hardness is achieved very quickly, but it needs 4-6 hours to achieve maximum hardness. The more time you give it to cure properly, the longer it will wear. You may choose to apply it at night when the day’s activities are done. Because the film is quite thin, worn areas at the tips or scratches can be easily touched up to create a freshly-applied appearance.
If you find the polish isn’t wearing as long as expected, the problem usually can be traced back to application. Though our polish is tack free in no time, it takes longer to cure at the molecular level than traditional polish. So the longer you give it to set up without exposure to water, etc., the better it will wear. That being said, everyone wears polish differently. How long the polish lasts on you can also be affected by your own body chemistry, daily activities and environmental exposure. Applying a clear top coat can extend the wear of polish. We also recommend a base clear coat under our darker colours such as Vintage Merlot, Risque and Desire.
It must be noted that by eliminating the chemicals that enable traditional polishes to harden rapidly, our natural alternatives [AT THIS TIME] cannot match solvent-based drying speeds and level of durability. However, by following the “7 Steps to Beautiful Nails” as well as these tips, your Watercolours nail polish should be as durable as other brands.

More nail preparation tips:
Solvent-based polishes can strip healthy nails of naturally produced oils. Since our polish does not contain these solvents, the oils remain on the nail. Ensure you wash and dry your hands and nails thoroughly before applying polish. We recommend you apply a coat of our clear/base coat first and allow it to dry thoroughly (at least one hour) before applying the colour.
You may notice our Clear Base/ Top Coat polish actually appears milky white in the bottle. The milkiness disappears upon drying to form a clear coat. Sometimes minor settling occurs in some colours, and you may notice a light ring of colour at the top of the bottle, or some sparkle floating to the bottom. We have shaker beads inside, so a light shake of the polish easily re-disperses the pigment.
Removing Watercolours Nail Polish:
Watercolours Nail Polish can be removed with rubbing alcohol, vodka/grain alcohol or our own Nail Polish Remover!
Apply polish remover to a cotton ball or cotton pad. Hold the wetted pad on the nail for a few seconds, and then proceed to rub the polish off while applying gentle pressure. Do not scrape at the nail. It may take a few swipes longer than you’re used to, but the product will come off. People with dry, ridgy or porous nails may need to work at it a bit longer.
The film that is formed by the water-based system becomes more difficult to dissolve as time passes. You may also find this product is a bit more difficult to remove from toe nails, because toe nails are naturally more dry and have less natural oils. For this reason, we recommend you remove the polish at or before one week of wear the first time you use our polish.
Acetone-based removers will not work because this is not a solvent-based system. Wash hands with soap and water thoroughly after removal. If you have naturally dry skin, you may also want to use a moisturiser. 


Water, water-miscible acrylic, polyurethane formers and thickeners, non-ionic soaps. May contain: ultramarine blue, carmine, mica, iron oxides, and/or titanium dioxide




Also available:


Nail Polish Remover

Our acetone-free formula is enriched with horsetail extract to strengthen nails, and fortified with vitamin E and aloe to soothe and protect cuticles. It works to remove our WaterColors Nail Enamel as well as conventional polish. (Child safety cap).
CODE: 530007

PRICE: $13.20



Nail Buffer (4-sided)

You can’t have just one! This four-sided nail file, shaper, buffer and polisher is a must for the person on the go. Keep one at home, one in your gym bag, one for travel, one in the car and hang on to a few to give as gifts. Use the deep charcoal side for filing, the blue side for shaping, the white side to smooth and the grey side for buffing and polishing your nails to a natural, shiny finish. Comes in a vinyl sleeve so it won’t snag on anything in your handbag.

PRICE: $7.92






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